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Are you concerned about the environment?

Climate, regulations and homes are changing.

Will you build for today or for the future?

Home owners:

Is your home sustainable? Do you want to improve resale value, cut your energy and maintenance costs, reduce your environmental impacts and protect your family from storms and energy outages?  Plan4 will create the most appropriate plan, prioritized according to budget, house structure, location and energy profile. We will simplify the options and tailor them to your home or build. Best time to call us is before you build but we're happy to consult on existing homes too.  

Builders & designers:

You work for a growing wave of discerning clients who want environmentally sound solutions, and you're looking into the future of housing. Plan4 will provide expertise and suggestions that you and your client can choose from in a detailed, project-specific report based on your design, lot characteristics and weather trends. Plan4 will advise on envelope detailing, high performance HVAC, site grading and water management.  We can also get you up-to-date on future trends in weather, government policy, regulations, and the changing insurance landscape. Call anytime.

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