Bienvenue Jean Maisonneuve!

We're pleased to announce that we're adding some serious expertise to plan4!

Jean's background includes 20 years of facilities management with tech expertise in:

  • environmental systems

  • heating, ventilation & air conditioning

  • indoor environmental quality

  • humidity control

  • ecological construction 

et il est bilingue. Pour le service en français veuillez appeler 819-456-1213

Plan4 ice, rain, wind and fire.


Plan for changes to weather patterns, flood risk, insurance, and building regulations.  

Plan for a more efficient, safer and more secure dwelling.

 Plan for your specific building site, local geography and regional weather patterns

with a comprehensive plan to improve building performance. 


 A Plan4 plan is a tailored strategy to protect your most precious investment - your home.

A plan4 plan is a plan for the future.

Gary Martin

Principal Adviser