Who uses plan4 consulting services?

Home owners, house designers and builders, or anyone planning to renvovate a house. Plan4 is also a good bet for anyone wondering about a house for sale.

What is the difference between Plan4 and a building inspector?

Building inspectors examine the structure of a house looking mainly for visible defects and building code violations. Plan4 looks at homecology - the structure, its surroundings and how the house is used and by whom to make your home more comfortable, durable and safe. The two services are necessary and complementary.

When should I contact plan4?

The best time is before you get too far into the design of a house or development. But most of our houses are already built. Plan4 can help most existing homes and neighborhoods adapt to a changing environment too.

How does Plan4 do a consultation for a private home owner? What are the steps?

First we will talk to you in your home (with proper COVID precautions!) about how you might adapt to save money (e.g. energy and maintenance costs). Then we will look at your home and surrounding ecology to see how they can be adjusted to reduce risk and improve environmental performance. Plan4 will then provide a report which includes detailed strategy for protecting your home, improving efficiencies and making you more comfortable. Finally, we will refer reliable contractors for any work you choose to do.

Why the name"Plan4?"

It has a number of meanings. First is "planfor the future", and not using past weather patterns and building codes. Then it means planning for the elements: earth, water, wind and fire. Finally, there is building to code, then there is "green" building, and then "sustainable development. Plan4 is the 4th stage - the future of homecology.

What region does Plan4 serve?

Plan4 serves the Outaouais region - La Peche, Chelsea, Ottawa-Gatineau and nearby municipalities - but will travel further if requested. And Plan4 loves helping people in new places!

Does Plan4 work in French? 

Oui, plan4 a un bilingue expert de batiment vert, Jean Maisonneuve, pour les clients francophones.

What are Gary's credentials?

Gary started working for a home builder in Guelph Ontario in the mid-80s. Since that time he did a few university degrees finishing with a doctorate in residential sustainability in 2013. He worked on peoples' homes pretty constantly while studying housing for his doctorate.  For three decades Gary has studied, taught and practiced smarter ways to think about homes and neighborhoods. He's also a pretty good amateur artist and plays a mean blues harmonica. He has a Labrador Retriever aptly named Jack Sparrow.