Gary's Projects & Clients

In 2020 Gary celebrates twenty years as a building contractor and sustainability consultant for home owners in the Outaouais. During this time he completed a Doctorate in Environmental Studies at Carleton University. He has also consulted with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, the Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association and Ottawa developers to make homes more sustainable. He lectures on sustainable business, urban geography and the geography of home at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.

We just wanted to let people know about the great service Gary Martin of can provide for your home. We hired him to check our home that we purchased in November. We knew the house needed work but no idea where to begin. Thanks to Gary's detailed report we now know where the priorities are and how to fix it to make our home more resilient. So important in our (changing) climate.

Wim Kok and Lorie Pratt

Chelsea, Qc.



Thanks for the knowledgeable and prompt service you offer. While we had considered some of the issues related to our house’s resilience in the past, it was great to work with you to think them through in a comprehensive manner. You’ve helped us identify areas where we need to take action to avoid problems as the climate becomes more erratic. For example, thanks to your advice, in the near future we’ll be moving forward on installing battery back-up for our sump pumps, and working on improving the drainage around our house. We’ll also take your advice into consideration when replacing basement windows and doors to ensure we’re thinking about safety and comfort, but also resilience.


Dr. Peter Andree

Wakefield, QC

My wife and I engaged Gary Martin to prepare a resilience report for our 15 year old house. We jointly inspected and discussed the house and its setting for approximately 2 hours. We received his report within a week. Though we had given considerable attention to environmental perspectives when building our house, the report was educational, and had we had it then, we might have avoided some mistakes. I therefore particularly recommend Gary’s analysis to those who are in the process of planning a house. But in addition, given the increasing challenges posed by extreme climate events, it is also a guide for needed remedial action.

Rolf and Mari Wesche

La Peche, QC