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Chicken Little: Is the sky falling?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Actually... no it's not.

I get called all kinds of things: Grumpa Gary, Dr. Doom, Mr. Happy (and after I got the PhD I became "the Potato head Doctor". Get it?). I research, teach and consult on some very uncomfortable topics. But at heart I know I'm in a pretty good part of the world. A lot of weird scary stuff is happening around the world but I live in a place with a stable, progressive political system, a good social safety net, universal health care, very little violence, lots of fresh water, food and other resources, not to mention it's friggin' gorgeous here! In terms of safe, secure places to live, we're very very lucky to be in this part of the world - Wakefield QC. That's why so many people are moving here.

Yes the weather is changing here and yes certain risks are increasing. But climate change doesn't happen all at once: while in geological terms it's happening in an eyeblink, for us humans it's a bit of change every year. I believe it's best to be aware of the risks and prepared for the changes. That's why I'm working at keeping us safe and comfortable - so we can thrive and share our prosperity with family and friends, neighbors and newcomers.

So my first blog for Plan4 is to dispel rumours that I'm a pessimist. The sky is not falling and we can adapt to change - just as we humans have always done. Take it from the Potato head Doctor!

Welcome to the first entry in the Plan4 blog. I hope you will return!

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